Before starting to write this review I’d like to say that this is the first time ever iam writing a blog in my life, so, any mistakes, pardon me. To start with, my blogs will be dominated by movie reviews (New/old).

Zootopia. I guess this is one of the best animated movie coming out from Disney since maybe the Lion King? No, iam not saying that other Disney movies sucked, they were good, but this, Disney have outdone themselves!

The movie is basically about a bunny (Judy Hopps) who wants to be the first bunny officer and eventually she becomes one. On the first day of her work, she see’s a fox (Nick Wilde) along with his son. Nick’s son wants to buy a huge popsicle candy from the elephant’s shop but is denied by the server. Judy helps them to get the popsicle and pays the cash herself, only to later know that Nick is a con-artist.

Judy Hopps is later assigned to a missing mammal’s case of Mr Otterton and is given a time of just 48 hours . She teams up with Nick Wilde and the rest of the movie follows on how they both crack the case.

The plot of the movie is simple and straight. This movie is disguised as a movie for kids but also is a very good movie for adults! You’ll get engrossed in the movie due to its simplicity, the suspense and the comical situations. (There is an enactment of “The Godfather” which is one of the high points in the movie. Don’t know why they put it there as their target audience, the children, wont be familiar with Marlon Brando’s character, but still, way too funny)

The movie also has a smartly packed message about prejudice, racism, changing the world. This movie is hands down the best movie of 2016 this far.

Also, there are some dull moments in the movie where u would feel a little bit bored and might put you off, but the charm of the entire movie more than makes up for it.

Highly Recommended!

I would rate Zootopia an “A” on A+ to F grade scale.