So my second review, Himesh Reshammiya starrer “Tera suroor”.

So, iam staring at my screen right now, because I don’t know where to start this post from.
I have so much to say, so much.
*Blank Face*

So basically, the movie is a sequel of “Aap ka surror” which was said to be a musical blockbuster in 2007. *Face palm*

To be honest, I went into this movie knowing what kind of masterpiece iam about to witness. It is a movie starring Himesh Reshammiya who is flaunting his body and trying to act and romance with an actress, I don’t even remember her name, iam searching for it on google.
*5 minutes later*
Ohh yes, her name is, who cares, I was watching Civil War’s second trailer. Go, check that out if you haven’t because, SPIDERMAN!

Back to this movie *Sad*

First 20 minutes of the movie, you are laughing out loud. And that’s unintentional laughter. You have a love making scene, and the movie seems hurried *thank god*.

I would have loved to give a short introduction to the movie, maybe an introduction to the plot, but, iam lost for words. *silence for 10 minutes*.

Himesh Reshammiya has poker face throughout the movie. Yes, even in love making scenes, he has a poker face. I don’t know any guy, who would have a poker face while making love with his girl. *poker face*
The actress is a robot. That’s all I have to say about her.
Monica Dogra plays a lawyer in this movie. A lawyer. Again, nothing to say.
Naseeruddin Shah is in this movie. Why? Whyyy?
Shekhar Kapur is funny as hell, well, all the actors are, but this guy is intentionally funny.
The only person who “tried” to act was Sharnaz Patel playing the role of Tara’s *heroine* mother

This movie has a slick run time, running for only about 106 minutes. That’s the only plus point.

The music of this movie. I respect Himesh Reshammiya for his music. He was one of the best during his high but now-a-days, I just find it offensive. Cheesy would be the right word. Maybe the target audience, the cheesy “majnus” would love the album’s songs’?

Director was like “Ok Himesh, now you’ll have a poker face throughout the movie. Here are your lines, I’ll say action, you’ll read these lines out, don’t act, read. And when I say cut, you stop reading, that’s it. We both are anyways getting paid”

To round it up, there’s nothing good about this movie, I hated it. But hey, I also recommend this movie if you have some cool friends, who want to laugh out loud and make fun of this movie. This is the perfect “Movie so bad its good”. Also, Iam shocked that this movie took itself so seriously, which anyways, adds up to the fun.

On a grade of A+ to F, I rate this movie an “F”

Coming up: Spotlight and Triple 9’s reviews’.