To start of with, Spotlight has won many accolades, including the Academy Award for the best picture.

Spotlight is based on a true story . It follows The Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” team, an investigative journalist unit in United States, and how this team investigated into the cases of widespread child sex abuse in Boston area by the Roman Catholic Priests.

The special thing about this Oscar winning movie is that it does not over exaggerate their heroes. A director usually takes a true story, and magnifies the heroism of the main character. Best example being “The Revenant”. Leo’s character (Hugh Glass) never took a revenge on Tom hardy’s character (John Fitzgerald) but was shown, because, Movie.
(P.S: I loved “The Revenant”)

This was a sensitive topic to handle and the Director/Writer Tom McCarthy has handled this movie so well. The drama in this movie keeps us hooked throughout the movie. Yes, the movie might be a bit on the slower side, but, I don’t complain. Some people might find it boring maybe as this movie is more about the facts and details.

The Acting in this movie. Each and everyone in this movie underplayed there roles, and that has had a lasting effect on me. The actors disappeared in their characters. No-one has an outburst, maybe once or twice, but they don’t get melodramatic anywhere. You never feel like they are actors, you actually see them as journalists who love their jobs and want justice as well.
Michael Keaton is a classy actor. He has performed so well in this movie. THIS GUY PLAYED BATMAN FOR GOD’s SAKE!

Mark Ruffalo has delivered one of his carrer best performance in this movie. THIS GUY PLAYED HULK FOR GOD’s SAKE!

Rachael McAdams, iam floored with her performance. Beauty with brains, eh?

Liev Schreiber is as good as everyone else in this movie. THIS GUY PLAYED SABRETOOTH FOR GOD’s SAKE!

I mean, I have no words. EACH AND EVERYONE potrayed their character so well, speechless.

I didn’t know what the movie was about, I knew that it was about a scandal and some news reporters stuff, as the movie progressed, I was floored. I was blown away. I was disturbed (in a good way). The realistic approach to this movie gives an extra edge. You feel that you are with the characters. You feel like you are dealing with the scandal. You  will feel that tension inside you. I could write on about like a 1000 more words, praising this movie but, the less you know, the more impact you get.

I would rate Spotlight an “A+”

Check this movie out in the nearest theatre. I live in India, this movie was released a few weeks ago, it’s still running in major centres.