Batman V Superman has been one of the most awaited movies since the time it was announced, the hype around it is huge but, is it worth the wait?

Iam hugely disappointed with the movie. Batman V Superman, well, who wont be excited and have huge expectations from the name itself. Two of the biggest superhero characters, face to face, pitted against each other, with an appearance of Wonder Woman, aah, this has to be the movie of summer, right? Wrong!

It’d be a crime if I say that I hated the whole movie, some parts of it are very good and interesting.

Lets talk about the good things first:
.The start of the movie. The first 10 minutes of movie was excellent. I was into it. I knew instantly why Batman has so much hatred for Superman.
.Talking about Batman, Ben Affleck was a badass Batman. He played his role superbly well. Criticizers, he is great. I was rooting for him from the start.
.The action sequences of the movie is brilliant.

Coming to the things that disappointed me:
Everything else!

After the first 10 minutes of the movie, the interest that it had build in the first 10 minutes, went down, rapidly! It was a roller coaster ride of good and bad! Mostly Bad!

As I said, Ben Affleck, KILLED IT. He was awesome

Henry Cavill is Superman. That’s it. He is fine, but nothing above that

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was good. Although, she has a very brief time on screen, I enjoyed it!

Coming to Jesse Eisenberg, well, he plays Lex Luthor, who has some elaborate evil schemes, pits Batman against Superman. I didn’t like his character, or, I didn’t like him. He plays a psychotic role. I love Jesse Eisenberg (I went through American Ultra).He is just a misfit in this movie.

Amy Adams is just there for the sake of Superman’s love interest. I don’t know I didn’t feel anything for that character.

Major problem in narration and story. A big one. That has led the whole movie down. There were many scenes which were not required. Zack Snyder misses the mark once again.

There is a scene in this where Bruce Wayne sends a mail to Diana Prince (Wonder Woman). All the characters from Justice league were present in the mail with a short clippings of them. Unnecessary.

This movie tries very hard to set up a franchise and forgets to be a good movie. This movie just wants to extend the DC universe, that’s it!

I can write an extended review on what’s bad in this movie but maybe i’ll save it for some other category where I’d discuss movies in details with all the spoliers and stuff.

The first 10 minutes and the last 15 minutes entertained me. I was noting down the points about the movie, and this is how my note reads:
1) Good start
2) Slickly edited (10minutes)
3) Dream Sequence
4) Dream Sequence
5) Batman and Superman staring each other with some dialogues
6) Lex Luthor
7 Batman vs Superman
8) Awesome fight sequence
9) fight sequence
10) Still fight sequence
11) Justice league x3 times

I rate this movie a “C+”.