Okay. This movie was released with Deadpool here in India, so, its more than understandable that why I didn’t watch this “movie”, if you can call that.

I had no courage to watch this movie, because, its Sanam Re.

Now I’ll be honest, I had NO COURAGE WHAT SO EVER to watch this movie. But hey, I was having a sleepless night so I decided I’ll watch “Sanam Re”. *Please don’t do what I did. Even if you’re high.* But I’d like to thank my friend (bro) Rohan Patil, he encouraged me watching this movie. He watched MSG: The messenger of God with me, and he took that revenge maybe. *True friendship*

The story of this movie is ….. *lets just skip that part*

Lets talk about the performances ….. *sits in a corner and cries*

This movie is directed by Divya Khosla Kumar . Ya, the woman who directed yaariyan. *2 minutes of silence*

On a serious note, everything in this movie, sucks.

Pulkit Samrat wants to be Salman Khan. The only thing is, he lacks stardom, the charm, the body and a Khan surname as well.

Yami Gautam is so pretty! And she doesn’t act in this movie either.

Urvashi Rautela! Maybe the worst actor and character in this movie. She plays the character of a boss to Pulkit Samrat and she is so easily manipulated and seduced by him. Ok, lets get this thing. A movie is enjoyable when the female character has as meaty impact as the lead actor. Please stop depicting women by such weak characters!Ok, may be i’ll dedicate another blog about how characters of a movie can have an impact on us, but for now, back to shit.

Divya Khosla Kumar fails yet again. She cant direct a movie. Maybe she needs to learn. People would say what I know about direction. Well, one thing that I know is, I wont be this awful of a director. I atleast know what people expect and accept of this ‘generation’maybe?

The story is filled with clichés. The story writer was high and was watching romantic movies and he was like “hey, I’ll write a romantic story, it doesn’t need to be good, because there is this dude Bhushan Kumar, who owns T-series. He has a wife whose hobby is to direct bad movies, and they are rich. Let me read all Nicholas Sparks, I’ll take out all the clichés and turn those clichés into a story because audience are stupid”

The sad part is, it collected more than deadpool and the other equally horrific Bollywood movie fitoor in its opening weekend. *all the bad words and swears possible*

This is one of the most, horrific, terrible, horrible, suckable movie made

I will rate this movie an “F” only because I could not go any lower.

Ps: Iam writing this line in my full consciousness and Iam aware about the consequences as well as without any external pressure on me that “I can watch Tera Suroor again in Theatres rather than  watching Sanam Re’s first 10 minutes”

There I said it!