Shah Rukh Khan. One name. One man. A story, a destiny. Throughout the globe, this name has created various instances of mass hysteria and fan frenzy, like no other! He’s given us performances and films worth remembering and adoring. 

But, since the past few years, the SRK we all knew seems to have disappeared somewhere behind the growing demands of an increasingly ‘commercial’ filmscape. It’s no hidden fact that we, the ticket buyers, have been repeatedly disappointed with the absurd choices made by this man. So, does FAN finally give us our FANtastic SRK back? Read on….


FAN is a story of Gaurav Chandna (SRK), a 20 something Dilli-ka-launda who’s life revolves around the superstar Aryan Khanna (SRK again). He loves him, adores him and worships him. When Gaurav decides to travel to Mumbai to personally greet his idol on his birthday, things don’t go well and passion turns into a wild and dangerous obsession that crosses the fine line. It’s Star Vs Fan!

The concept of Fan, although pretty novel, falters in the execution. The film has moments ranging from ‘WOW’ to ‘What?’ and to ‘Kuchh Bhi, Bc.’ For instance, Aryan Khanna, the worldwide superstar, chases Gaurav through foreign lanes, on top of huge monuments and crowded Delhi streets. He lacks security and also, lacks common sense. For a thriller like Fan, Maneesh Sharma decided to delve into impracticality and that costs him the entire second half! 


SHAH RUKH KHAN is the heart and soul of the film. No one does crazy better than him. He completely immerses himself into the two characters. It gives me great pleasure to announce that SRK, the actor, is back! Others in supporting roles, like Yogendra Tiku as Gaurav’s dad, Deepika Amin as Gaurav’s Mom, Waluscha De Souza as Aryan’s wife and Sayani Gupta as Aryan’s PA are good in their respective screen time(s). 


No hate, but I personally feel that the subject of FAN, if handled by a much more experienced director, would’ve resulted in a GEM of a film. But here, we have to make-do with this mediocre film and that’s sad. The action scenes, though bring the logic down, are extremely well choreographed (cinematography = awesome). The chase sequence in Dubrovnik (although outrageously silly) is a treat for all you action lovers! The VFX is slick. Take a bow, technical team. You’ve set examples! 

Only if the second half of the film had been something like the first, then we would’ve had a much better film. 


SRK does full justice to his role and delivers his finest acting prowess of the past few years. His talent is let down by this average film. SRK shatters boundaries but the film never manages to rise above a certain level, and well, that’s a disappointment.

I’m going with a B- grade for FAN. (Upgraded a level, for SRK.) It’s a film you’ll either love, or despise completely. For me, it was somewhere in the middle. 

Peace! ✌🏻️