Before starting the review I’d like to apologize for the late reviews because iam caught up with my entrance exams and stuff but still iam trying to watch every movie possible.

Coming to the movie, this movie is about a guy named Ronny who comes to Kerala to learn Martial Arts because his father forced him to do so. Meanwhile he meets Sia who is an actress. Eventually they fall in love but the antagonist Raghav to falls for her. Determined to get her, he takes a proposal to her dad by giving him money and asking her daughter’s hand. Her father, greedy for the money, splits Ronny and Sia’s relation. After a couple of months Sia is kidnapped by Raghav and is taken to Bangkok. How will Ronny save Sia? That makes up the rest of the plot for the movie.

There’s nothing new in this story. Its nothing that we haven’t seen before but where the movie excels is in its action. Yes, there are some portions in the movie where it goes over the top but then we are also witnessing some very good martial arts sequences as well. Some portion of the movie reminded me of the Karate Kid on how he learned his basic skills and moves.

Coming to performances Tiger Shroff has improved from his first movie. There are some scenes where his lack of acting skills are exposed but he makes up for it with some really good action sequences. He is going a long way in Bollywood but he still needs to improve as an actor on emoting and dialogue delivery.

Shraddha Kapoor is good as Sia. She has some action sequences as well but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. It looks a bit fake but performance wise, she has done what she had done in Ek villain. But if you compare her to Aashiqui 2, she has improved leaps and bounds!

Sudheer Babu as Raghav was the best in terms of the performances . He could have been a better villain but again, there is no character development of such for him. He is a clichéd antagonist whose aim is to get Sia.

Sanjay Mishra as a blind Taxi driver gives us a few comic relief.

Director Sabbir Khan had directed Heropanti and is back with Baaghi and again he has no story back up his action sequences. As a story teller, he fails.

The cinematography of this movie is unfortunately disappointing. With a beautiful location like Kerala I expected to see more beauty of the city as Kerala is the God’s own land!

There are a lot of negatives of this movie. This is a mindless action movie which can be enjoyable to action lovers.

I enjoyed this movie in bits and pieces. The movie had  no connection with the audience whatsoever. I was never attached to the characters  in the movie. I never felt the emotions that they went through.

I rate this movie a ‘B-‘ for its action sequences.