One word before I start writing: Mind-blowing!

Civil War is finally here and boy, didn’t it reach my expectations!

Without spoiling much of the plot: Avengers have caused a lot damage and have killed people. There is a political pressure on Avengers that mounts up to install a system of accountability on the actions that they do. Stark, realizing about the doings of him in the past accepts this change whereas Steve wants the Avengers to be independent. This leads to a divide among the two and the Avengers are separated into two halves. What happens next? Find out in the movie!

This movie is directed by Russo brothers who had previously directed Captain America: Winter Soldier. And I have to admit it, this is one of the best movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They have successfully managed to get in a good balance of both the action and the political drama part of the movie.

The movie takes its time to set up each and everything which forms an important aspect to the story. I found the first act of the movie a bit slow. It shows how HYDRA controlled Barnes (ok, i’ll stop here, or i’ll get into spoilers)

This movie is the third instalment in Captain America series and probably the best one because it kind of serves as a sequel to both Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron and a prequel to Infinity War as well!

The action in this movie had to be top notch and it definitely was! Keeping the awesome action sequences apart, where this story excelled the most was its story and the character development. Of course, we know all the characters but we also know that why they are doing that certain thing. We exactly know why Tony wants to bring in accountability and we understand why Steve doesn’t want to. Not only these both but all the characters!
You might also just feel that what the villain is trying to achieve is actually understandable!

If I come down to performances it’d just consume a lot of space and time. We all know how good everyone is Right from Iron man (Robert Downey jr) to Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner)

But,  I would definitely like to talk about Black Panther, Spiderman and Giant man, I mean Antman(watch the movie,you’ll get the reference).

Chadwick Bose as Black Panther nailed it. Iam eagerly waiting for his Solo Superhero movie which has a release date of somewhere in 2018.

Paul Rudd as Antman. I loved him in his movie, I loved his part here.

And then, here comes your friendly neighbourhood SPIDERMAN! Tom Holland as Spiderman is great. I loved the part where Tony finds this poor guy Peter Parker and his horrible costume of Spiderman! Well, this is the best Spiderman depiction on screen since Spiderman 2. And then there’s an after credit scene which I wont spoil but make sure you stay for the after credits.

This movie would have so easily been a mess with so many characters in it but luckily it wasn’t. Its not that iam fanboying on Marvel or I hate DC, but Batman V Superman definitely lacked a solid story and too many cameos ruined it as well.

Civil war is darker than that of previous Marvel Movies. The second half of the movie does provide us with some laughter. Hey, you have Antman and Spiderman, they are meant to be funny, right?

Overall I enjoyed this movie thoroughly though I found some portions of the movie a bit dull but the action sequences and the climax more than made up for it.

I rate this movie an “A”.