Azhar is a story of the famous Indian cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin and is a ‘cinematic’ depiction of his life. 

The first slide of the movie says that its not a biopic and thank god they did that because the movie has taken way too many cinematic liberties if seen through the pov that it was a biopic

I partially enjoyed the movie but didnt like it for the major part. Biggest disappointment that comes across is that in the acting department.

Emran Hashmi as Azhar was just Okayish. He walked like him, to a major extent talked like him but was not able to become Azhar. To put it straight, we see more of Emran Hashmi than Azhar.

Prachi Desai as Naureen, Azhar’s first wife is good. She has a lesser screen time but does well in what is given to her.

Nargis Fakhri hams her way throughout as Sangeeta Bijlani. She just looks pretty, thats it!

Rest of the supporting cast including Lara Dutta, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Gautam Gulati, all fail to impress thanks to their under-written characters.

Tony D’souza had a brilliant opportunity to present a story and turn it into a memorable movie but fails big time. One of the reasons being over the top dialogues and boring court room scenes. 

Music of this movie is good but that wont save this sinking titanic.

Overall this movie fails to shine. A movie about cricket and a cricketing legend without much of either the game or the person (as the character is over commercialised) is a disappointment too.

I rate Azhar a ‘C-‘