To all the people out there who want to make horror movies, this one is a true example! James Wan, take a bow.

The movie starts out with the Warren’s investigating a case in Amityville which is later proved to be heavily controversial and is said to be hoax. At the same time In London Peggy Hodgson (Frances O’Connor), a single mother is terrified with the evil happenings in the house and all hell breaks loose when Peggy’s daughter Janet (Madison Wolfe) shows signs of demonic possession. The rest of the story follows on how The Warren’s come to rescue for the family.

This movie takes no time to terrify you and I mean NO TIME! This movie gives you chills and you are hooked onto the screen right from the very first scene.
What this movie does really well is that it builds the tension. Shitty horror movies don’t do this, they just drag along and then there, we got a jump scare for you.

*One thing great about this part is that the case that the Warren’s take up (Enfield Poltergeist) is one of the most documented haunting cases where you could know more about exactly what happened*.

There is no denying the fact that this movie has jump scares and it uses the clichéd horror movie techniques to scare you, but then, its the way that the director shows it. Its the craft that he has built around this script. The camera-work, production values are top notch.

In the second half of the movie there comes a time when you start to think that maybe this girl is actually faking everything! Watch the movie to know the rest!

Talking about the performances, Madison Wolfe, who plays the role of a possessed daughter is hands down one of the best child artist performance I have seen. She pretty much carries the movie on her shoulders and if she had acted badly, this movie would’ve been a dud. ‘The Conjuring 1’ had some good child actors, this one has better!

Vera Farmiga is reprising the role of Lorraine Warren and how well she acts! There are few scenes which are so emotionally powerful which is rare in a horror movie and Vera emotes so well that you can feel for her character. Its right on your face that she does not want to loose her husband.

Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren is so good. His presence on screen kind of brings a calmness in you thinking that till he is there, no one is going to get hurt and we all are safe. His chemistry with Vera is great and you root for the couple to get through this evil madness around them.

The supporting cast has done a fabulous job as well. Again, pretty rare in a horror movie.

This movie so terrifyingly beautiful but it cannot hide its flaws.

There was a lots of similarity between this movie and The Conjuring by the direction perspective. James Wan is the best horror movies director, there is no doubt, but his style of direction is quite similar to that of ‘The Conjuring’.

Also, this movie relies a bit too much on the jump scares part. Jump scares here, worked, it worked very well, people were jumping out of their skins, but what I wanted was something like the ‘Clap’ scene that the first part had.

Also the characters (read: kids from the family being haunted) keep jumping in and out of the screenplay (Madison an exception of course) and you are asking yourself “Wait, where’s the other child?” and again you see that child on screen, all of a sudden!

Keeping that aside, this movie manages to keep you tensed. You know you are about to get scared but you cant help it and scream your lungs out because, James Wan!

I liked this movie, I thought it was better than the first one in the department of scares and tenseness. Great Acting, Solid Direction, Genuine Jump Scares.

I rate this movie an “A”

Go check this movie out in theatres if you dare.