And that short movie before the movie was adorable and cute. I rate that short movie an “A+”

Coming to this movie. Dory has had some memory that she too has a family and wants to go and search for them. With her is Marlin and Nemo who helps her to get across this ocean just like the first movie had. The rest of the story follows on how Dory along with other characters is able to search for her parents. Will she even succeed to find her parents? Will her parents accept her with her short term memory loss as she lost her parents? Find out in Finding Dory.

Finding Nemo came out in 2003, and it took 13 years for Pixar to make Finding Dory. When this movie was announced, I was excited as well as a bit suspicious whether there should be a sequel to Finding Nemo or not, because, the nostalgia attached with Finding Nemo is way too high!

You might find this movie resembling to the first one but it is a wonderful delight. Iam happy that there was a sequel made for Finding Nemo.

Ellen DeGeneres as Dory excels in this movie. Her emotional tones are apt and she is an example of what impact a voice actor can have on a character. She is the best woman alive. *Got carried away*

All the voice actors have done a fine job and a special mention to Ed’O Neill, the ‘Septopus’, how good is his and Dory’s friendship!

This is the part where I depart from “Everything is awesome in this movie”.

This movie had such a heavy approach towards it that I think the emotional stir which this movie was aiming for fizzed out. I felt for Dory’s character, all right, but there was not one moment where there were tears in my eyes. I admit, I weeped in movies like ‘Toy Story 3’, ‘Up’, ‘Inside Out’ to some extent, but this movie didn’t have such a moment.

Also, this movie wanted to give a message about disability on how one can live with it, but the message didn’t come across as strong as it would have liked to.

Overall, its a fun, entertaining movie, fast paced with brilliant voice acting. I liked this movie a lot. Don’t compare this movie to Finding Nemo because this is a different tale, a different story, a different emotion.

I rate this movie an ‘A-‘