Before starting this review, CBFC, ON YOUR FACE!

Udta Punjab is a story about 4 people and how they are connected by one common link- Drugs!

Tommy Singh aka Gabru is a rockstar who is a cocaine addict. His songs are based on drugs and the youth gets influenced by his acts and his songs.

Kumari Pinky is an immigrant and was a aspiring hockey player. But drugs soon turns her life to hell when she tries to sell them and things don’t go as it was planned.

Preet Sahani is a doctor who has seen many cases of such drug addicts. She meets Sartaj, a cop, when his brother is admitted to the hospital due to the drugs he has taken.

Sartaj Singh is a cop who gets tired of the drug wave that is going on in Punjab when he realizes how it is destroying the youth. He sets out to find the main suppliers of drugs along with Preet.

Meanwhile, Tommy Singh is arrested for his profane songs and Kumari Pinky is held by few men and is harassed.

The rest of the story follows on how one common issue in Punjab affects these four people’s life.

The movie starts of with a message on how Punjab is suffering from drugs and how it can be prevented, in Star Wars Style! That hooked me up right from the word go.

The movie started off quite strongly and the first half went quite smoothly. But alas! It started to loose it’s Fizz in the second half where everything started to go haywire.

Abhishek Chaubey has done a fine job directing this movie. He had a great topic in his hand and he did give justice to certain amount but unfortunately couldn’t give it full justice. The thing which went against him was that he tried to commercialize this topic, which according to me wasn’t required.
Also the climax, it didn’t really get me like “Ohh, that was superb!”. I was just like “Well, okay, movie has ended, we have to go watch “Finding Dory” ”

Coming to the performances, Shahid Kapoor does a fine job as the Cocaine addict Rockstar who later realizes what he has been doing in his carrer and his influence on youth is wrong. This might not be his greatest performance, but he has given justice to his role.

Alia Bhatt as Kumari Pinky has given a terrific performance. She has picked up the Bihari accent superbly and is great in the scenes where she is getting harassed. You feel for this character.

Kareena Kapoor Khan as Preet Sahani has given a decent performance but I expected a bit more from her. Never-the-less, good job.

Diljit Dosanjh is debuting in Bollywood in this movie and he is superb as Sartaj Singh. I liked him, I liked his character a lot, definitely looking forward to see him more in Bollywood!

Supporting cast has done a fair job.

Only if Udta Punjab was made with more rawness, I guess it would have been more enjoyable but none-the-less, this movie does entertain you to some extent.

A Breezy and entertaining first half, a stretched second half, decent performances, disappointing climax.

I rate this movie a “B+”

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