This is the fifth instalment in the Ice Age franchise and I guess its time that Ice Age franchise realise that the time has moved on.

Ice Age franchise was a worrying factor since its third part “Dawn of the Dinosaurs” from where the franchise has been a downhill. It’d be a crime if I say that I didn’t laugh in the whole movie. I did have some laughs, but very limited I guess?

Here’s the thing, this year’s earlier animated movies and movies targeted towards the younger audience  have set a benchmark on what such movies can achieve. Zootopia, Finding Dory and the heavy CGI oriented Jungle Book (Which I rated an A+) have shown  on how even adults can enjoy these movies. Finding Dory and Zootopia had strong messages and an emotional connect. Jungle Book was heavy nostalgia right on your face. Ice age 5 is unfortunately none of them.

The story is simple: Scrat (the saber toothed squirrel) is again after the love of his life (a nut) which triggers a sequence of actions which gets him launched in space and he directs a meteor right towards the plane earth. Manny, Sid, Diego, Buck and company now have to make sure that the meteor does not hit the earth and should divert it away.

This time around, Buck (the weasel) gets a chance to be the protagonist and I guess he has the best entry for a protagonist in an animated movie in years. Simon Pegg has done an excellent job as Buck and he shines.

Rest of the voice actors seem to be tired of reprising the role and nothing much was given to Sid and Diego, which was extremely sad to watch as Sid is my favourite character of whole franchise. Unfortunately, you are served with slapstick comedy by this character which does not work at all!

Also there are some Jokes in the movie which I don’t think kids would grab. I was surprised and shocked to see such jokes in an Ice Age movie. It’d have been fine if it was in a South Park movie or an episode,because hey, adults cartoon and stuff!

As all the other animated movies this movie tries to give a message of letting go things and moving on which doesn’t come across at all.

In short, a disappointment. Kids might love this movie, Adults will have a dull time.

This movie is not as bad as Norm of the North (Didn’t review it, but I rate it an F), this comes on par with ‘The Angry Birds Movie’.

I rate this movie a C-.

PS: Even Scrat couldn’t save this final instalment