Make sure that you dont turn the lights off before you sleep!

Lights out is based on the short movie in which a demonic woman appears only when the the lights go out! That short movie went viral and then it was decided to turn the short movie into a feature length movie.

I loved this movie. After this year started on a disappointing note in the horror genre, it seems to be catching up. First ‘The Conjuring 2’ and now ‘Lights out’.

This movie scares you, people were screaming in the theatre which irritated me! That topic,  for some other blog. But yes, this movie does have some good scares. One thing that disappointed me was that there were too many of jump scares. There was not much of a tension building upto the scare. Jump scares did work to a major extent but I wanted some tension to build around that scare which did not happen.

On the other side, I liked the drama that was happening parallel to the scare scenes. Though this movie is packed as a horror movie, it has drama in it. The family drama where the mother is unstable and step-sister wants to take care of her brother because she knows that their mother is insane, well done!

This movie has fixed one of the biggest problems that I had in horror movies. The characters were SMART!
Each and every character in the movie does the right thing and they survive. I went like “Good, Very Good, that was awesome thinking!”
This brings me to the character development. Each and every character is sketched out well thanks to the smart writing. The movie runs for only 82 minutes but still, you know the characters in depth. Every small character had something to do, no-one was wasted, which is very, very rare in horror movies.

Performances were excellent by everyone which is again a rare thing in horror movies.

Teresa Palmer as Rebbeca was fantabulous. Her character was smart, she emoted well and she fell into the role quite well.

Gabriel Bateman as Martin did a really good job. Child actors now-a-days are shining more than they ever did before.

Alexander DiPersia as Rebbeca’s boyfriend was great. I was shocked with his character because usually these characters are not given much of depth and are just throw-away characters who get killed right away. There’s an epic scene which iam not going to spoil when Diana *demonic woman/creature/ghost* catches him in dark and he does the coolest thing to get away from her.

Maria Bello as Sophie, mother of the two, though had less screen time, has done a superb job in what she was given.

David Sandberg has done a fine job in turning his short movie into a feature length film but there are some problems as well. I gave this movie a priority mainly because it had James Wan (director of The Conjuring 1&2, Insidious, Saw) producing it. He is like J.J Abrams for the horror genre.

My biggest disappointment came in form of the ghost. I didn’t find it that disturbing. The short movie had such a disturbing disfigured ghost/woman/demon in it with literally no budget. They could’ve just made that creepy looking woman a bit more better with the 5 million$ budget they had. Also, for me, it did not build the tension, nor was I freaking out on what is to happen next. I was caught off-guard just once where I was scared to hell. Don’t get me wrong, this movie did scare me, but not to what I had expected.

Overall this is a good, short, slick paced horror movie with some good family drama.

I rate this movie a B+