And the Second Half curse continues with ‘Dishoom’.

‘Dishoom’ stars Varun Dhawan and John Abraham as the cops who are searching for India’s star Batsman Virat Kohli, sorry, Viraj Sharma who is kidnapped. The duo have only 36 hours to find the batting star as there is a huge final to be played between India and Pakistan. How they find Viraj is the rest of the story.

I liked this movie to a certain extent. The first half was breezy and fun. The movie started to slow down when the story shifted to how Viraj got kidnapped. Post Interval the movie started to drag. Though its runtime is about 124 minutes long, you get bored and you feel that the movie is dragging in the second half.

Talking about direction, Rohit Dhawan has improved from his previous movie ‘Desi Boyz’. The script is weak but Rohit manages to bring out characters from the actors and keep the movie intact. Yes, there are a few over the top scenes but that is expected in a Action movie.

This brings me to another point. The movie is promoted as action/adventure genre and this lacks both of them. If this was promoted more as a Buddy Cop comedy, i would’ve bought it. 

Performance wise, John Abraham is still John Abraham. His character had attitude and had to be serious, which he potrayed perfectly. I love this John Abraham. Please dont do the comedy genre John, you are one of the best Action heros of Bollywood.

Varun Dhawan gives a fine performance and sometimes goes over the top which is quite expected from him. His comic timing is great and does somehow reminds me of Govinda.

Jacqueline Fernandez looks pretty as always, and thats about it.

Akshaye Khanna is back on the silver screen and I so wanted to say that its one of the best comeback, but it’s not. His character wasnt sketched out well but whatever he was given, he did a fine job. 

Special mention to Akshay Kumar’s cameo, HILLARIOUS! I was caught off guard and I was laughing my ass off on that scene.

Overall its a fun buddy cop movie. It is a one time watchable movie.

I rate this movie a ‘B’