So, Breath-taking should be the right word for this awesometacular Trailer!

Ajay Devgn is back and how! I was intrigued by the trailer. I rewatched the trailer couple of times as I was Mesmerized by what I was watching on my screen. Hats off Ajay, Hats off.

I never write trailer reviews but when I watched the Trailer of Shivaay, I knew I wanted to talk about this.

The trailer runs for a length of 3:50 seconds and still manages to keep you hooked to your seats and dosent give away anything of the plot. You dont even get a clear idea about the what the story is. Ofcourse you know its a story based in Himalays with Ajay Devgn playing the role of Lord Shiva (Modern Version), and thats about it.

The Action sequences, my god, SO GOOD! Many trailers have one wow factor, two wow factors, at max Three wow factors. This trailer itself is the wow factor.

The cinematography is so Beautiful. The first shot itself intrigued me.

Ajay Devgn is also directing the movie, and by the look of the trailer, he has done a rich and beautiful job. Okay, again, THE ACTION SEQUENCES!

They were on the level of Bourne Ultimatum and sometimes, i cant believe i will say this, Better than other hollywood movies. I mean in one shot, THEY ARE TUMBLING DOWN THE HILL FIGHTING!  And this another action sequence has him jumping on a car, breaking the windshield, getting inside the car, throwing the driver out, IN ONE TAKE!

The dialogues gave me goosebumps, the cinematography gave me goosebumps, the action sequences took my breath away.

I guess there will be a second trailer out which would just give us a bit of story and plot but till that trailer drops, Iam watching this trailer on loop for sure.

Iam going to say this, Best Movie trailer i’ve ever seen!