And I finished reading the script/rehearsal edition and for the first time, I cannot believe Iam saying this, it Disappointed! Yes, a JK Rowling Harry Potter Book, disappointed.

This part definitely takes the legacy of the Harry Potter Franchise forward but in the most disappointing way possible. (I will be using a lot of ‘Disappointing’ word throughout).

I don’t know about the play as I live in India and the play had its premiere in London, but the script is very okayish.  I’ve read that the play is very good with all its special effects, but the book, I used my maximum imagination power to get into this, but unfortunately, I didn’t find the connect. *Disappointing*.

There will be major spoilers ahead, so in case you want to read the book or you are very rich and want to see the play in London, I will rate this first and then get deep into the story and plot and the spoilers, because without getting into the spoilers, I cannot express my views.

I rate this Book a 5/10

The basic premise of this story is time travel. Remember, how Hermione and Harry were able to travel through the time in the 3rd Book “Prisoner of Azkaban”. The Time-Turner that she had was a prototype and an illegal Time Turner has been confisticated by the Ministry of Magic who found it with a former death eater.

Harry Potter is now an employee in Ministry of Magic whereas Hermione is now the Minister of Magic. Of course, the smartest of all! Ron has inherited the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. Ron and Hermione have two children, Rose and Hugo.

This book starts exactly where the deathly hollows left us. Harry’s son Albus ‘Severus’ Potter and Draco Malfoy’s son Scorpius befriend each other and are best-friends. Scorpius is sorted in Slytherin which was expected. Rose is sorted into Gryffindor, again, expected. Here’s the first spoiler which I guess fans would’ve assumed, Albus is sorted into Slytherin which leads to the strengthening the bond of Albus and Scorpius.

Unlike Harry, Albus is an unpopular child and so Scorpius. They both are not able make any other friends and Rose’s relation with Harry has strained over the years. Also, Scorpius has secret crush on her. Rose is highly popular and is a chaser in the Quidditch team  by the end of third year.

The ‘Goblet of Fire’ plays a huge part in this story. Remember how Cedric Diggory (Played by Robert Pattinson) dies in the Tri-Wizard tournament. His father Amos comes to Harry asking him to use the time turner and save his son. Harry Denies because ofcourse, you don’t want to play with the past as it would change everything in the present.

Cutting the first part into short, Harry and Scorpius along with Delphi Diggory (Cousin of Cedric Diggory) steal the time turner from the ministry of magic with the help of Polytail Juice (Nostalgia). And then Harry and Scorpius travel back in time, save Cedric Diggory which leads to change in the time line. (P.S: They can stay in the past for only 5 minutes)

Albus is injured and Harry has a nightmare and the dream reveals where his son is. Then there is a lot of drama around. Scorpius and Harry avoid each other. They come back together, they try to change the past again. This time, they are successful in stopping Cedric Diggory win the Title, but when they get back in present, Albus is gone.

This time around, Harry has died in the battle of Hogwarts and Voldemort has prevailed. Hogwarts is a Dark Magic School. Scorpius is very popular but has also killed Neville Longbottom.

One good thing that happens in this timeline is, we get the character of Professor Snape back. Scorpius talks to him about the situation. Snape takes him to Ron and Hermione who are wanted fugitives. Scorpius convinces them and they all agree even if it kills Snape again. Scorpius goes back in time, stops himself from stopping Diggory and goes to the present. Albus reappears, everything seems to be normal.

They decide to destroy the time turner but are stopped by Delphi Diggory. She takes the boys into hostage and says that she would want to bring her cousin back and let the dark prevail. She also kills a student of Hogwarts who sees this whole incident. She then  forcefully takes them back into time, and then destroy the time-turner, hence trapping them in the past.

Till this point, I found the plot stretched with some unwanted confusions. The characters have no depth whatsoever and the biggest disappointment is Ron’s character as he is shown as just another sidekick just to give us some comic relief. The only character which had depth was Draco Malfoy’s son Scorpius.

Anyways, moving onto the final act, In the present, harry comes to know that Albus and Scorpius was last seen with Delphi. After interrogating Amos, they find out that being the cousin of Cedric Diggory was just a cover.After searching the room they find out that she is actually the secret child of Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange!( The problem that lies here is they don’t know where and in what time are the three gone and will just have to wait.)

This big reveal did shock me, but, after some time, when I thought about it, I found it Very Silly. I don’t find any Logic with Voldemort having a child with Bellatrix. I cant even imagine. I just find it awkward.

Meanwhile, Albus, Scorpius and Delphi are in 1981.

Albus and Scorpius find a way to contact Harry and co. Draco Malfoy in present reveals that his family has a time turner which is more valuable and potent than the prototype in the ministry of magic. They travel back to time. They join Albus and Scorpius.

And till this point, I was just bored. Iam trying to cut down the story as much as possible, but when you read the book, you’ll find this dragged. But this final part of the last act made sure that the rating of this book dosent go Below 5. This last part kept me hooked.

In the last act, we are in 1981, on the night when Harry’s Parents are about to get killed. Delphi plans not to kill the baby Harry and instead stop Voldemort from killing his parents. This would lead to Voldemort continuing his prophecy and his reign.

Meanwhile, all our heroes are hiding in the church and Harry’s scar on the forehead begins to hurt. They all decide to transfigure him into Voldemort as he is the closest person to Voldemort and can play his mind like no one else. Also, he starts to understand parseltongue(Voldemort and Delphi speak Paresltongue) as his scar is hurting.

He goes to Delphi as Voldemort and Deplhi pleads him to recognise her as his child. During this his transfigure spell gets undone and a furious Delphi engages into a fierce Duel with Harry who is later joined by his friends and Albus. They manage to subdue her and as the real Voldemort is about to come to kill Harry’s parents, Delphi tries to call him out when Ron and Hermione are able to Silence her and send her back to present.

Harry prefers to stay there with his son Albus and see the killing again as Albus will come closer to his dad after seeing the events.

In the present everything is normal, Scorpius asks Rose out for a date, Harry and Albus are now on good terms. Both father and son go to hike on a nearby hill or wherever the hill is and the book ends there.


What really got me hooked is the part where I Imagined Delphi and Harry getting into a fierce dual. And also the nostalgia when Hagrid arrives after Harry’s parents are killed and taking him away on his bike into the sky and leaving the child back to Dursleys.

Also, Scorpius Malfoy definitely stole the show in the book. That character had depth and I loved every single bit of his character. NO character development for rest of the characters.

There was an emotional angle given to Harry and Albus’s relation, which failed big time.

The first 3 acts bored me. If it was anyway closer to what the Final act was, it’d have been the best Harry Potter book to come out.

Anyways, there are some good moments. Check it out anyways. I hope the Definite Collectors Edition will be an improvement over this. It is going to come out in 2017.

Till then, Iam waiting for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.