This is a silly movie. That doesn’t mean this is not enjoyable!

First thing first, didn’t reach my expectations at all! The movie was dull in the first half with literally no pace. Then there comes the interval bang which is silly again. I think they forgot to make the interval scene so they just shifted the frame of camera to the left and added the text “INTERMISSION”

Anyways, the second half is fully dedicated to courtroom drama/comedy. I was surprised to see so much of humour induced into this kind of a movie because I was expecting a very serious courtroom drama from this movie. This infact is a plus point for the movie and also a minus point because there is a lack of tension in those courtroom scenes.

Tinu Suresh Desai has directed this movie and earlier this year he had directed “1920:London” which was a masterpiece, comedy. There are some scenes in Rustom where you find it so downright silly that it makes you unintentionally laugh, but that’s very less compared to the situational comedy that the director has given. It is definitely is a parody to what the daily soaps show.

A special mention to all the side actors. Right from the Judge to Kumud Mishra who plays the role of a press owner to the maid of Rustom, who gave me one of the most laugh out loud scene in the movie, are well written and acted.

This brings me to the performances, Akshay Kumar. He is the best currently in Bollywood. This role was not a challenging one but Akshay Kumar is the best. Maybe people may say iam biased, but Akshay Kumar is the best. People sitting around me were like “Kitna kadak dikh raha hai” (How handsome is he looking!)

Ileana D’cruz looks like a doll and that’s it.

Eesha Gupta is bad. She wants to look seductive but she is not. Even her character didn’t have any depth.

Arjan Bajwa as Vikram Makhija looks like the perfect villain ripped out from 50’s. He was just average in his act. There was no standout scene in which you would go like ‘yes, this guy is actually wicked’

Kumud Mishra as the Press owner nailed it. His character was funny and it was a great time watching on screen.

Sachin Khedekar as prosecutor overacts. He is such a brilliant actor but unfortunately here, he overacts.

Small moments like a boy selling the newspapers commenting on the case going was done well and was funny enough to make me laugh.

What this movie misses out is to capture the big moments. For eg: (NO spoilers) When the Jury has to decide if Rustom is guilty or not, that scene is done very badly!

Also the end didn’t really work for me. Yes, the reveal scene was good but some questions are left unanswered which does not work at all in this movie.

The first slide in the movie says that it is a work of fiction. Unfortunately, it takes the cinematic Liberty a bit too far. It takes it to the point that you will find everything silly that you just watched on the screen.

Overall, it is a fun, silly thriller kind of a movie which you can watch once.

I rate this movie a B.