This movie is on par with Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag for me.

A Flying Jatt is a story about Swacch Bharat Abhyan. Guys, please dont pollute your surroundings, otherwise movies like these will be made.

The Opening montage itself showed what we will be in for. I didnt expect some Man of Steel or Dark Knight or even a Ra.One kind of effects given the fact that it is made on a budget of 50crores including the P&A. But even if i keep that aside, this movie is bad.

There are so many moments in this movie where you cant help but Cringe and bang your head against the wall. I controlled myself though.

I’ll directly come to the performances, Tiger Shroff is uncomfortable doing this role. You can watch my version of his acting in my review video on youtube, link will be updated below.

Jacqueline looks beautiful. No Further comments.

Nathan Jones annoyed me alot. He was bad.

Kay Kay Menon was okayish though he gave me the cringiest scene in the movie.

Rest of the characters, bad.

There are Three good scenes in this 151 minutes mess. I guess, THAT IS WAY TO LESS GOOD SCENES!

The songs just pop up anywhere. Just imagine if iam writing this and Toota Jo Kabhi Taara, Sajna Ve, Maine tujhe Rab se Maanga, Rab se jo maanga Mileya ve, tu mileya ke jaane na dunga main.

Put you off, didnt it?

Remo d’souza just wanted to teach us EVS. I respect him alot, but this movie is bad.

I’ll just finish my review here, i want to rant this movie on my youtube channel. The rant will be up soon

I rate this movie an ‘F’.

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