I dont do this much often, but sometimes, there are exceptions and with this Movie, iam making an exception.

Kirik Party is a South Indian Kannada Movie starring Rakshit Shetty.
Now this dude is definitely in my good books because of the movies he has recently been making.
A couple of years back he directed and starred in “Ulidavaru Kandante” (As seen By the Rest). I loved the movie to the core and that’s when I started to follow his work sincerely and he has not disappointed me yet.

Coming to this movie, I was blown away. This movie is relatable at so many levels, even though iam not an Engineering Student, I related with each and every character deeply.

This movie revolves around Karna and co who are in a mischevious first year gang in an engineering college and their antics to woo a senior who is studying in the final year, in which,  Karna succeeding to a cetain extent. But then certain situations arise which makes Karna to discover his other side.

The story might not sound fresh of this coming of age comedy/drama but the execution lifts this movie to an another level. The biggest ‘Plus’ of this movie being its Music and Humour.

This movie takes a musical approach in the first half which works big time in the favour of the movie.
The humour is present throughout the movie and is so good. No cheap jokes, no forced humour, just pure situational comedy.
There is a scene where different Engineering Branches fight to decide which Branch is better (Computer Science and Mechanical being the major two in the movie).

The acting in this movie is superb, Rakshit Shetty shines in his natural act and so does the whole supporting cast.
Rashmika Mandanna is superb in her role as the senior and Samyuktha Hegde does a fair job as Aarya who is in love with Karna.

Director Rishabh Shetty has done a superb job in handling the story (co-written by Rakshit Shetty). His first movie Ricky was a good thriller/crime movie and the transition between the genres of ‘Ricky’ and ‘Kirik Party’ was a smooth one. He is able to extract out  exactly what the story needed, kudos to him.

There is one minor problem that I had with the movie and that was with the pacing towards the end of the First Half and at the start of the Second Half where things seemed a bit drag and also the runtime is over 165 minutes, but hey, it was all worth it.

In the end, this movie is a complete winner. I do watch a lot of regional movies but dont review them, but I had to talk about this one because it was so damn good.

Its still running in some theatres across the country (excluding karnataka) and also has subtitles if you dont understand the language.
I do urge that you guys check out this movie if its playing near you.
*This movie was released on 31st dec 2016*
 I rate this movie an “A+”