Where to start? Why to start? How to Start?

If you want to know if your partner actually loves you, ask them for sex. If they deny, they are using you. *Slow claps*

Do me a favour and dont watch this movie. 

Half Girlfriend is a movie directed by Mohit Suri and based on the best ever book/bollywood script I ever read in my entire life by Chetan Bhagat. 

This movie was a doom right from the start. I cannot deny the fact that Chetan Bhagat’s adaptations on big screen has been huge successes but half girlfriend, nahhh. 

Mohit Suri has lost his touch. To be honest, I didnt even like Aashiqui 2. The last movie which i liked directed by Mohit Suri was ‘Murder 2’. To sum it up, this movie did’nt know where to go. 

Coming to the performances.

Arjun Kapoor does a fair job. He loses his accent as the movie progresses and in some scenes, he gets awkward. 

Shraddha Kapoor’s thighs have done a fair job.

Bill Gates is in this movie. Cameo of the Decade. *I can make better memes*

Vikrant Massey, the only artist who did what he was credited for. 

Coming to the flaws of this movie: the entire movie. 

This movie is a badder version of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Wherever Mohit Suri felt that he is dragging the screenplay, a song pops out.

Which brings me to the music of this movie. 2 Good songs of which one is overused. It almost runs throughout the movie and gets irritating at a point. ‘Stay a little longer’ is cringe in this movie. *Shraddha Kapoor’s character sings this song throughout as if this is the only english song she knew with a horrible accent.*

I dont have a problem with the existence of the novel/bollywood script of Chetan Bhagat. He has his own readers. But when it comes to adapting it to a movie, A BIG NO! This movie will collect in its opening weekend at the BO and then come down even quicker than Uday Chopra’s career. 

I rate half girlfriend an ‘F’