The hype is for real guys. This quote is going around the web and I quote it here once again “In Nolan, we Trust”

This movie is a blast (literally) right from the word go. Not many a times will you find a war movie to be ‘beautiful’. That’s what Dunkirk is.

The frames in this movie, bringing in the 70mm for the battle scenes and 65mm frames for the normal scenes. The blending of these two large formats is so perfect. Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson have mastered the art of the format, well even Christopher Nolan has!  This movie is best experienced in the IMAX format! (Interstellar was released in both 70mm and 35mm {standard movie} format)

If you are expecting a character driven movie like Saving Private Ryan was, you will be disappointed.  Dont expect this movie to be a Tom Hardy Movie, or a Harry Styles movie, this movie is about the battle of survival. This is about the evacuation that happened at Dunkirk where over 300,000 soldiers were evacuated. This movie is about THAT specific moment.  Nolan gives no time for any other sub-plot. The characterization is very thin which is exactly the point. You dont know anything about the characters, but you still want them to get out from the battle

. He just gives the audience a brief about what happened through credits on screen and bang, we are sucked right into the screen seeing what happened at Dunkirk.

The movie is just 106 minutes long! A WWII movie is just 106 minutes long! Indian Film-Makers, how about a movie on rich history of India and the wars we fought in under 2 hours of time?

The performances in this movie are awesome. For everyone questioning Harry Styles in the movie, surprisingly he acts very well! He gets the most dramatic lines and he does a great job in delivering them. (P.S: the movie hardly has any dialogues! Maybe a few pages of Dialogues, that’s it!)

My personal favourite though, without a doubt, Mark Rylance. How good was he as a sailor who wants to put his life on line to save his country’s soldiers.

Tom hardy should change his name to Tom Mask Hardy. He is on the fighter jet the whole time and towards the end ,trust me guys, the audience got so engrossed in the movie, they literally started to instruct Tom Hardy’s Character on what to do!

Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, Fionn Whitehead all perform really well in their given screen-time.

How can I forget, Hans Zimmer! His score! He weaves magic once again. He took Nolan’s watch to create the background ticking score. He has done it once again guys. If Interstellar’s BGM gave you the feels, this is going to give you the Goosebumps!

The movie is eerily silent for a moment and the very next scene it is bombarding with bombs, gunshots. (exactly like in a battle)

The movie has 3 narrations, From the beach, Water, and air. These three storylines come together flawlessly. It may confuse a viewer for sometime whether they are watching new events happening or is the same event from a different point of view.

This movie doesn’t show blood on-screen like what Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge had done. (Another fabulous war movie btw). This movie terrifies you by putting you in that situation through the fantabulous visuals and skilful direction. Nolan doesn’t even go for the Hollywood Stylised blasts. He keeps it real and instead focuses upon his vision on making the movie as real as possible. This movie successfully conveys the dread of war.    (PS. Nolan uses very less CGI and more Practical effects so that his audience can connect)

Its high time that we treasure Christopher Nolan and crown him as one of the best directors of all time. I hope that in coming years he reaches the heights and gets respect for his work like Stanley Kubrick got!

I rate Dunkirk an ‘A+’