The last time when I was moved by a movie with its hard hitting realistic approach was ‘Manchester By The Sea’. It’ll be safe to say that ‘October’ falls into that category.

Shoojit Sircar, who last directed ‘Piku’ is back with a love story, albeit a different kind. His direction along with Varun Dhawan’s performance (yes, iam saying this) is the movie’s biggest driving force!

The biggest factor that works here is the simplicity of the story. There is no complexity in emotions, the screenplay, the performances, the dialogues, just a simple, soul-stirring movie.

The biggest relief was that there were no songs and people did not randomly start synchronized dancing! (Hey, bollywood romantic movies has always given us that)

Varun Dhawan as Dan blew my mind away. It is easily the best performance in his career. To be honest I skipped his last 2 movies as I did not have the courage to watch them, but boy, ‘October’ proves to be a career defining role for him. He carries the movie on his shoulders and in this beautiful abstract painting that the movie is, Varun Dhawan is the brightest Colour!

Banita Sandhu makes her debut with ‘October’ as Shiuli and has dialogues next to none but she emotes well. It’ll be interesting to see how she goes ahead with her career.

A special mention to the fabulous Gitanjali Rao who plays Shiuli’s Mother.

Coming back to Shoojit Sircar, this is where he excels. He holds onto one emotion and delivers the punches. He sucks you into his universe right from the start and never looses his grip!

What helped Shoojit here is a very strong yet simple story penned by Juhi Chaturvedi (also: dialogues and screenplay). The movie flows at a certain ease coupled with a few quirky dialogues which never overstays it welcome.

There was a void to be filled as the movie lacked of any songs and that was filled by Shantanu Moitra’s background score which stays almost throughout the movie. Beautiful!

The only flaw that this movie had was except for Varun’s character, everyone else was underutilized and the chatacters were half baked and it is understandable as we are watching this story with a POV of Dan, but a bit more emotional connect with other characters would have been wonderful.

That being said, this one is a must watch for all who appreciate realistic cinema and Varun Dhawan’s impactful performance. This one is a slow-burner.

I rate this movie an ‘A’